What Really Happened on 9/11    

To The World Trade Center?    



The Shocking Secret, the World  

                Has Been Waiting For…    



The World Trade Center was…    




and the China Syndrome Resulted    







The book only an Anonymous

Physicist could write.... and PROVE.

Proving that this was no "collapse", the Anonymous Physicist shows outright fraud in the "papers" written by the government's chief engineer.

Then he proves that the "alternate theories" also came from the government's intel agencies.      He disproves the bogus "thermite hypothesis", whose author now claims that thermite causes "inextinguishable fire".

Read what DID cause the great heat and flowing molten metal for months at, or under the WTC – the fission fragments that were remnants of the small nukes used.  Read about the ultra-fine dust particles, the vaporized steel, and yes, the 1,157 vaporized people.

Then read about the few survivors who were left with melted, hanging skins – not from any fire, but from the thermal rays of nukes – just like survivors of Hiroshima.

The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath, 2nd Edition., 2012. Just published. March 2012. Price reduced for 2012. 140 Pages, oversized book: 8 ˝ X 11, illustrated, new coil bound [no GBC] - $50.00 plus shipping. Air mail shipping is $7.00 to the USA, or $10.00 to Canada, or $15.00 shipping to overseas countries. Click the little arrow to select correct destination.


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